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Welcome to Eden Lodge
Eden Lodge is a 7 bed unit which caters for male patients, with en-suite bathroom and toilet facilities. It is staffed 24 hours a day and provides effective community focused supported living. We provide a 1 to 1 service where appropriate. We use individualised care programmes to enable citizens to continue to build confidence and develop the necessary skills to move toward greater independence, increased social functioning and community engagement.
We are able to support people who;
• Are stepping down from a forensic/secure or prison environment
• Are stepping down from a long stay hospital
• May be under section 37/41, 117 of the Mental Health Act
• Are subject to a Community Treatment Order (CTO)
• Have a personality disorder
• Are subject to MAPPA
As well as involving relatives, friends and carers, to maximise reintegration into the community, mental health rehabilitation programmes are delivered in conjunction with support from members of the MDT which includes CPN, Social Workers, Support Workers, Psychologists and Psychiatric Consultants.
Other members providing a service will also include:
• Occupational therapists
• Speech and language therapists
• Activity team
These staff members have a range of ways to support someone towards feeling better both mentally and physically.
Storage of valuables and belongings
We have a safe in our clinical office where we can keep small valuables, although this is discouraged. Items of high value or cash can be stored at the main office or in the citizen’s own bank account.
We do not have any storage other than the individual bedrooms, so we encourage citizens’ to be mindful of how many possessions they bring with them.
Citizens’ may bring their own electrical equipment such as TV, but it must have Portable Appliance Test service record for health and safety before it is used, for health and safety reasons.
Staffing and shift times
We will have 24 hour staff, 7 days a week including wake in staff. The registered manager supported as well as our deputy manager are both registered nurses.
Our activity therapy will include sessions with a professional cook, horticultural expert etc.
Review meetings will be held regularly with other professionals who are involved in citizens’ care.
Visits from friends and family can be made on weekday evenings, and on weekend afternoons and evenings. Depending on issues of clinical risk, we also encourage citizens’ to plan supported/supervised visits with family and carers. These visits help citizens’ maintain family ties and relationships in the community.
These should be planned with staff to ensure that they do not clash with citizens’ individual therapeutic activities.
Visitors are asked to avoid protected meal times, which are:
8am to 9.30am
12.30pm to 1.30pm
5pm to 6pm
To maintain privacy and dignity, no visitors are allowed in the bedroom areas. We ask visitors with children to call the home before visiting to give staff time to prepare the appropriate room.
House rules
• There is a zero-tolerance policy to physical and verbal abuse. All individuals – staff, citizens’ and all visitors – are to be treated with respect.
• Eden Lodge is a non-smoking environment. However, there is a designated smoking area in the garden.
• There is a signing in book for citizens’ and another for all visitors.
• Alcohol and illegal substances are not permitted on these premises and any found will be confiscated immediately.
• Citizens’ are not allowed into each other’s bedrooms.

Bed sheets, duvet covers and towels are provided, however citizens’ should bring their own toiletries.
There is a washing machine and dryer on site. Washing powder is provided, however we recommend citizens’ provide their own detergent if they have any skin allergies.
Food and meals
We will provide citizens’ with a healthy breakfast option as well as light brunch.
There is some space where citizens can store small amounts of non-perishable foods. A shared fridge and freezer are also provided for the storage of fresh food items.
No food must be stored in service citizens’ bedrooms.
If citizens’ have any specific dietary requirements or allergies, please inform us and we will try to accommodate their needs.
Programmes and activities
Each citizen will have a negotiated weekly programme of activities, specifically designed to meet their individual needs. This follows an initial assessment period during which all needs will be assessed.
As this is a rehabilitation unit, citizens’ are expected to participate in weekly programme as part of their recovery journey. This will include one to one cooking sessions, laundry slots, room cleans, and specific group and one to one work. This is dependent on citizens’ agreed aims and needs. Citizens’ will be expected to keep their rooms clean and tidy will be assisted by staff to do this if they wish.
Regular reviews
Each citizen will have regular reviews with the doctor and the MDT. If a citizen wishes to have their relatives to attend, a member of our staff team will facilitate this.
Care programme approach meetings are held regularly. All members of the MDT are invited along with the citizen and their family members, if they are happy for them to attend. This provides an opportunity to review their progress and plan for the future.
Each citizen will be allocated a keyworker who will offer regular one to one sessions and support citizens’ to devise specific care plans.
Complaints or suggestions
If citizens’ have any complaints or concerns, the management team manager are at hand to assist with anything. Complaint forms are available if required.
If a citizen requires an independent advocate or legal help, citizens’ and their keyworkers will work together in order to facilitate this. We welcome any suggestions or feedback to improve our service.
Further information can be obtained from any member of the staff team.

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